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The Triangle
Riccado, Chiswick

I was approached by a retailer which offers menswear products. This project proved to be challenging at first for two reasons; firstly, it was my first retail client and secondly its target audience being male, automatically restricted the colour pallets and type of products used. After hours of research and planning, considering the shape of the ceilings, I designed a triangle system including six triangles, three on each side, with their bases against the walls and their points meeting each other on top.

Using the triangles in this design, I tried to achieve a more strong, bold and wild look. Nofowers were used in this project and again tropical foliage were selected based on their shape and size to emphasise and embrace the bold nature of the triangles created.

The Triangle.jpg
PHOTO-2022-05-21-11-33-27 2_edited.jpg
The Triangle 3
The Triangles 10
The Triangles 7
The Triangles 8
The Triangles 9
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