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A Fairytale
ARC le Salon, Mayfair

In this design, I was inspired by the movie Avatar. I tried to create natural colourful surroundings that will glow at night. During the day using the natural lights the flowers and foliage will look how they really are in real life however at night using Ultra violet lights they will transform completely and create a glowing environment, hence the reason, I called this project a Fairytale.

A lot of work and research has been put into this design and finding the right UV reactive material and lighting to meet the purpose of this project.

A fairytale 2
A fairytale 4
A fairytale 5
A fairytale 6
A fairytale 7
A Fairytale.jpg
A fairytale 8

Tel: +44(0)7706060505

London, United Kingdom

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A fairytale 10
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