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Mossy Rock
ARC le Salon, Mayfair

I created a rock, green, striking and wild at the first sight. The purpose of this piece was to create a landscape using those parts of nature that unfortunately will often go unnoticed by us, such as greens, woods, mushrooms etc. All the moss and wood pieces used here are natural and the mushrooms were designed and made by me and my team. These mushrooms are made of UV resin with additional phosphorus inside, in order to glow under the UV exposure.

Upon taking up this design, I was amazed by so many varieties of the mushrooms that exist in nature and their amazing and wonderful colours. I can say that this piece is only a starting point for me and there will be more coming in the future.

Mossy Rock 1
Mossy Rock 2
Mossy Rock 3
Mossy Rock 4
Mossy Rock 5
Mossy Rock 6
Mossy Rock
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